REVIEW: Enemy of Mine (Pike Logan, #3)  by Brad Taylor

Book Title: Enemy of Mine (Pike Logan, #3)
Author: Brad Taylor
Series: Pike Logan
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Fiction, Espionage
Published: January 15th 2013 by Dutton



19279-2001In retired Delta Force officer Brad Taylor’s third Pike Logan thriller, a tentative peace between Israel and Palestine has been brokered by the United States. But the Taskforce—a clandestine team operating outside of US law to protect the country from terrorism—gets wind of an assassination attempt on the American envoy sent to solidify the treaty. The Taskforce must devote every resource to saving his life—and preventing another bloody outbreak of violence.

Taskforce operator Pike Logan and his partner, Jennifer Cahill, are charged with following the assassin’s flimsy trail through the Middle East, a trail that becomes more muddled at every turn. They must contend with terrorist organizations, independent killers, and shaky allies to uncover the biggest threat of all: an American citizen hiding a secret that just may destroy everything, including the Taskforce.

Brad Taylor is the complete package: a writer who understands how to tell a thrilling story, who possesses the knowledge to construct an intricate and utterly believable plot, and who has more than enough on-the-ground experience to back it up. His first two books appeared on bestseller lists nationwide, including The New York TimesPublishers Weekly, and USA Today. Propulsive and compelling, Enemy of Mine is sure to join them.19278-2001 


A great addition to the Pike Logan series, my only gripe being a difficult concept to follow concerning two simultaneous antagonists.

No need to announce a spoiler alert, this information will not harm the story and in fact may make it easier for you to follow when reading, if you haven’t yet. There are two “bad guys” involved in a plot to attack/intervene an American Envoy tasked with passing along a “gift” from the U.S to Palestinian officials I believe. The problem was that they were both described as sort of sneaky yet competent trouble makers, both use multiple alias’ and to make matters worse, Pike Logan confuses their actions as being from one source as well. So Pike in the story shares my confusion, which definitely worsened my confusion as the reader! I actually didn’t comprehend who was who until about 75% through.

Aside from the character confusion on my part, this was a great story loaded with Task-Force action. I love how involved Jennifer is getting with the hands-on work, being book #3 we’re really getting to the know Pike’s teammates Knuckles, Decoy and now Bret. The political aspect is easier to follow too, I feel like I know who’s on the oversight council (the committee in DC who approves task-force operations) who is a supporter and who’s a thorn. With better understanding to the side pieces of a Pike story, the main plot pulls a deeper immersion by the reader. Pike and Jennifer continue to dance around the emotional elephant in the room, while both have in a way admitted deep feelings to themselves in moments of self reflection narrated by Brad Taylor. A great way to let us know where they stand without actually having the two characters discuss it.

As with most espionage/shooters, I (and probably you) can’t help but compare them to some of the powerhouses like Mitch Rapp. And in this case, Pike stories are beginning to give me that “Rapp Revenge” feeling of “holy sh#t when he confronts this politician it’s going to be epic!”

The Logan series stands out in the group of Espy/Shooters, in my opinion, because Brad Taylor’s ability to stretch subplots and character growth across multiple stories is best in class. Pike is a bit more emotional than say “Gray Man” or “Mitch Rapp” and a bit more team player oriented than a “Jack Reacher.” Very similar to “Dempsey” and the boys of Tier-One Ember, but somehow the two series do enough to remain independent. Although a colab project with the Ember team and Task Force would be absolute balls! Haha.Brad_name



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