REVIEW: Visualizing The Beatles by John Pring, Rob Thomas

Book Title: Visualizing The Beatles: A Complete Graphic History of the World’s Favorite Band
Author: John Pring, Rob Thomas
Series: None
Genres: Music, Art, History, Non-Fiction
Published: May 1st 2018 by Dey Street Books



19279-2001The story of the Beatles as you’ve never seen it before, told using stunning infographics and data visualisations.

Journey through the Beatles years – from the band’s first ever gig at the Cavern Club to the release of their final album Let It Be – in a visual exploration of their evolution from four young men to one of the greatest bands the world has ever seen.

From witty stories and surprising facts to beautiful visuals created from the data Beatles music left behind, even the most avid fan will discover something new. The book, divided into albums, enables you, in an instant, to spot patterns, anomalies and transformations. VISUALISING THE BEATLES transports readers back to the vibrant sixties and explosive days of Beatlemania through the beautiful world of infographics.

‘With Visualising the Beatles, John Pring and Rob Thomas trace the contours of the Beatles’ incredible career in all of its pictorial splendor. Through an arresting collection of Beatles-oriented illustrations and infographics, they challenge casual fans and die-hard aficionados alike to “see” John, Paul, George, and Ringo in vastly new and revealing ways’
Huffington Post (Kenneth Womack, author of The Beatles Encyclopedia: Everything Fab Four)19278-2001 


VISUALISING THE BEATLES takes you through the basic history of The Beatles through stunning graphic imagery. I have read many, many books on The Beatles on a wide range of topics and I found this to be a well-researched and interesting analysis with its presentation executed in a unique and stylish way. The material you will find among these pages is displayed via charts, maps, timelines, etc. and include The Beatles discography, influences, personal history, formation, the post-Beatles era, and so much more. Pring and Thomas have definitely offered something new for Beatles Fanatics to add to their collection.

My favorite part of this book was the manner in which Pring and Thomas break down the evolution of The Beatles discography. These pages offer some really interesting information on the development of these albums and are displayed over a majority of the book’s pages. Infographics on who wrote which songs, the keys used, instrumentation used, how long each member sang on a track, and much, much more. These graphics were a phenomenal way to visualize this data in a chronological order. I also really enjoyed the graphic that showed the change in wardrobe and hairstyles through the years.

My almost 2-year-old has taken such a liking to the Beatles music, with Yellow Submarine being one of his favorite songs that can always calm him down when he’s on a trip to Meltdown City. I feel this book would be a great option for him to learn about the history of the iconic foursome. The illustrations are bright and the information contained within is offered in such a simplistic way; making it very easy to read and understand. When he is a bit older I think this may become one of his favorite books to read.

While there was not a whole lot here that added to my knowledge of the group, this was definitely an extremely fun and interesting take on their history and presented all the key facts on The Fab Four. A word of advice would be to definitely set yourself out to get a physical copy and don’t cheat yourself buying the ebook for this one.  If you are a Beatlemaniac this would be a really fun coffee table book to have and would also be a very well-suited book for your child who has also discovered an interest in The Beatles!


Many thanks to Dey Street Books for a free finished copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.juliename



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    1. YES! The graphics are awesome.

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  1. Jer says:

    I need this! My four year old loves Yellow Submarine too. Thanks for sharing this. I had no idea it existed.

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    1. There is just something about that tune!

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  2. Ohhh, this sounds a perfect gift! And I may gush over the copy too. Hehe

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    1. This would make a really great gift!


  3. mistimaan says:

    Good review

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  4. Lauren Mead says:

    That looks like a really neat book! Great post 🙂


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