REVIEW: Mindfulness in Music: Notes on Finding Life’s Rhythm by Mark Tanner

Book Title: Mindfulness in Music: Notes on Finding Life’s Rhythm
Author: Mark Tanner
Series: None
Genres: Body, Mind & Spirit, Meditation, Music
Published: April 5th 2018 by Leaping Hare Press



19279-2001Mindfulness in Music is a joyful exploration into the meditative nature of music and its holistic beauty.  Mark Tanner reveals how composers and musicians have always embraced mindful connections, and how everyone can cherish the same life-affirming chords.  Whether listening to a forest soundscape, playing trombone in a ska group or listening to Beethoven or Beyonce, he reveals the natural ecology to all forms of music, and the creative mindful instinct we share. Through unique meditations, personal reflections, and holistic notes, this astute author shines a spotlight on the humanity and spirituality in music. 19278-2001 

“To be moved and mesmerized by beautiful sound is to be human.  In music we can find solace and inspiration aplenty; though born into the material world, we look to music for inspiration to help us reach beyond its more obvious dimensions.”

Whether you have a well versed musical vocabulary or not this is a pleasing read and a very interesting take on mindfulness. With plenty of mindful books with a concentration on Buddhist teaching, MINDFULNESS IN MUSIC was a nice step away into a new approach using mindfulness through the medium of music. Mark Tanner, a well-known pianist, offers great insight from multiple perspectives as it relates to music. Whether you are a musician or a listener, there is plenty that is offered within these pages for you.

“…music has the power to recalibrate our expectations and at the same time help us to make better sense of our complex lives.”

At 144 pages, this was a quick read that was not short on thought-provoking information.  Broken down into six parts: Music as Mediation, The Rhythm of Life, Sound & Sensuality, The Language of Music, Parallel Universes, and The Art of Possibility; I especially loved the chapter Parallel Universes and its inclusion of music as a sixth sense. I could not agree more with this sentiment. The pages are also peppered with activities, or ideas, on how one can practice mindfulness through music.  I also really enjoyed that splattered among the pages were music-related quotes from famous composers, physicists, etc.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent..”

While getting into this book I instantly wanted to pick up THE MINDFUL PIANIST, also written by Mark Tanner. MINDFULNESS IN MUSIC is so beautifully presented with very high-quality pages similar to that of cardstock. I cannot stress enough how in awe of how beautifully put together this book was. This was a very engaging and thought-provoking read and I would recommend to anyone with an interest in a new approach to mindfulness and digesting music.


Many thanks to Mark Tanner and Leaping Hare Press for a finished copy of this novel all the was from the UK in exchange for an honest review. It was my pleasure to provide my thoughts.



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  1. mistimaan says:

    Nice review

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  2. It sounds like a lovely book to give as a gift.

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    1. It absolutely would be a wonderful gift.

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