REVIEW: Green Day FAQ: All That’s Left to Know about the World’s Most Popular Punk Band by Hank Bordowitz

Book Title: Green Day FAQ: All That’s Left to Know about the World’s Most Popular Punk Band
Author: Hank Bordowitz
Series: None
Genres: Music, Entertainment
Published: April 17th 2018 by Backbeat Books


5 star

19279-2001(FAQ). Green Day FAQ tackles such topics as the band’s early roots and early gigs, who’s who in the extended Green Day enterprise, what artists proudly claim Green Day as an influence on their music, Green Day’s humanitarian efforts and political advocacy, the band’s songwriting process, Green Day on Broadway, tours, side projects, videos, and more, from their cars and tattoos to their sexual identities, families, friends, and enemies. The text features details on the making and promotion of every album and examines Green Day’s place in the punk canon. Painstakingly researched and written by veteran music journalist Hank Bordowitz, the 45 chapters cover anything that is knowable about the punk-pop heroes, making this the ideal read for any Green Day fan, new or long-standing.19278-2001 

“Where’s the truth in the written word if no one reads it?
– Billie Joe Armstrong, “Troubled Times”

Learning more about the genius that is Billie Joe Armstrong and an iconic band such as Green Day made it an absolute no-brainer to accept and review this title. Hank Bordowitz brings interested readers through the journey from Green Day’s earlier years of Dookie to the present day status of the band. The book is filled with discovery into how the band has evolved over time, how their family life has altered their lives and how they have always remained loyal to their roots regardless of the controversy surrounding that topic.

Starting this book with a timeline was much appreciated! Bordowitz outlines every key point in Green Day’s career making the remainder of this book a breeze ride through the success of one of the most dynamic bands and how they are continued to remain relevant for over twenty-five years. And it doesn’t stop there! Every subsequent page divulges further on each point made; with a nice point of reference to return too if needed. Kudos to that!

Green Day has always possessed the great ability to relatable and looking back to the Warning years forward, they have never been short on being outspoken about their political consciousness. What is most appealing about Green Day to me is Billie Joe Armstrong’s unapologetic way of bashing religion and not shying away from sharing political messages either. GREEN DAY FAQ does a great job of showcasing the outspokenness of the band, as well as those tender intimate moments they share with their family and fans.

Splattered among these pages are cool relics such as tour posters, ticket stubs, album covers, and more. What I found of interest is that Hank Botdowitz not only dives into the history to the founding and current member that make up the iconic group, but also the individuals that helped in the raise of their inevitable success. I believe it is so important to look beyond the surface to those who remain behind the curtain and appreciated this being added. Hank really was able to capture the whole history.

With all the talk of unreleased material throughout this book, I can only hope that someday in the future these tracks will be released and please our ears. It would definitely be interesting to hear more from the early days of Green Day and the music created during their transitioning phases, which it appears these key points of their career is where this material exists.  Overall this was quick and informational read made up of forty-five chapters over the course of 330 pages of very interesting material!  If you are a fan of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong, or just music in general, you should definitely pick up this book.

Many thanks to for a Hank Bordowitz and Backbeat Books for the advanced reader’s copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



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  1. carhicks says:

    I used to listen to Green Day quite often. It would be nice if they still had stuff to be released, as long as it is good.


  2. johnrieber says:

    As a cult movie fan, here is some trivia. Remember the Charlton Heston film “Soylent Green?” A sign saying “Tuesday is Soylent Green Day” appears in the film. Some people suggest that this inspired the name of the rock band Green Day. The font on the store-front window in the movie matches the ones that are used on Green Day’s “Uno”, “Dos”, and “Tres” albums! The film is one of Heston’s trivia of sci-fi classics if you are interested here is more:

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  3. mistimaan says:

    Nice review

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